About Infstroy

The center helps the companies-manufacturers and suppliers of building materials to find consumers of production, and builders and designers acquaints with the high technologies, allowing to make building more economic and harmless. The special attention is given to advancement on the market of innovative and power saving up technologies. Important line of PCC activity is active participation in the organization of competitions of professional skills, such as "Strojmaster", «the Best construction organization of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region» and others.

The business arsenal of the Petersburg building center:

  • Constantly operating exhibition of building materials, technologies and the equipment;
  • Carrying out of presentations, conferences and other actions;
  • Building portal the Virtual exhibition "Construction file" on our site;
  • The organization and carrying out of professional competitions;
  • Publishing;
  • Cooperation with leading branch mass-media.

From the date of its basis the Petersburg building center is headed by Irina Igorevna Belinsky – Cand.Econ.Sci., the honourable builder of Russia.

The Petersburg construction center (PCC) – is information-expocenter, working for the blessing of development of building branch of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Since 1996 PCC is a part of the International union of building centers UICB.


The Petersburg building center renders a number of services to the companies which are engaged in manufacture and delivery of building materials, technologies and the equipment on the building market of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, in advancement of their production and to information support of building process.

For the best realization of tasks in view we offer the companies following services:

  • Constantly operating exhibition of building materials and technologies
  • Carrying out of seminars-presentations, conferences and other actions
  • Building portal «the Virtual exhibition of"StrojFajl"on a site www.infstroy.ru
  • Exhibition of innovations in Committee on building
  • Carrying out of professional competitions
  • Post presentation «Post presentation»
  • PR-support
  • Publishing services

The Petersburg building center works by a principle of "a uniform window». Depending on the purpose of presence at the Center, the wide spectrum of services in its advancement in the market of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region is offered to the company-client.


15 years ago the Petersburg Construction center began the activity with the organization of constantly operating exhibition of building materials and technologies. And today it is one of key lines of activity of the Center. The production of the enterprises providing the building market by modern materials, technologies and the equipment is presented on the exhibition. High passableness and constant attendance of the Exhibition professionals of the consrtuction market allow to inform the information placed on it to the maximum quantity of interested experts.

The economic crisis had ruogt to the head the competitive struggle for commodity markets, having compelled the companies to search effective and малозатратные for ways of advancement of production. Possibilities of our constantly operating exhibition answer both to needs of manufacturers and suppliers, and requirements of today's time.
Various forms of participation in an exhibition – from the original way built up design on a floor to the standard stand or an information cell, which are offered for the companies. Skilled and professional managers of the Exhibition will help you to choose the best variant of exhibiting for you.
For the purpose of achievement of peak efficiency of exhibition activity, participation of the companies in an exhibition isn't passive, in a complex of the services given to exhibitors of the Exhibition, includes:


  • Distribution information and advertizing materials among visitors of an exhibition and participants of the actions spent by the building center.
  • Representation of production of exhibitors as a part of collective stand PSTS at the largest building exhibitions of St.-Petersburg.
  • The information about the potential clients who have become interested in new materials and technologies, accumulates and processed by experts of the Exhibition then in the form of reports it is given to exhibitors.
  • Carrying out of presentation of production of the company-exhibitor for interested experts of branch. Action preparation, its technical maintenance and audience selection is carried out by employees of the building center.


At an exhibition you can see expositions on following sections:


  • The sanitary technician, the sanitary and pipeline equipment
  • Electric equipment, cable, wires
  • The process equipment
  • The heating engineer and a heat supply
  • The ventilating equipment
  • Building designs
  • Paint and varnish materials, building solutions
  • Products from ceramics, concrete, a stone
  • стеновые and facing materials floor coverings
  • Ceilings
  • Polymeric materials
  • Wood materials
  • Windows and doors
  • Accessories to windows
  • Glass and products from glass
  • Roofing materials


The organization of events

We offer such forms of advancement in the building market, as:

  • Presentations,
  • Seminars,
  • Bureau of contacts,
  • Meetings in a business dialogue format.

Besides, to solve many problems facing a city and the branch companies the thematic conferences spent together with profile committees of the Governments of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region help.

Throughout all 15 years of the existence the Petersburg building center successfully is engaged in the organization of seminars, presentations and conferences. Experts ПСЦ constantly search for new forms of work with the companies that in the severe constraints which have developed in the building market to render as much as possible effective assistance in advancement of materials, technologies, the equipment and services.
We solve important communicative problems, carrying out training and an exchange of experience among experts of civil engineering firms, project institutes and architectural workshops.

Presentation of firm or seminar
Highly skilled experts of the Petersburg building center will help to organize presentation. We will prompt, what kind of action to choose – presentation or training seminar with "master class" carrying out. We will offer variants of venues of presentation, we will provide a hardware and we will invite potential customers. If necessary, we will provide information support in mass-media.
Package deal on the presentation organization:

  • Selection of optimum platforms for presentation carrying out
  • Budget drawing up
  • Working out of the scenario of presentation
  • Mailing of invitations and maintenance of desirable audience
  • Monitoring of the press following the results of presentation


And also we can offer you the company-organizer of buffet tables and banquets.

Business dialogue or Bureau of contacts

Crisis dictates more rigid requirements to a format of actions and, understanding it, we offer the companies new forms of co-operation – Business dialogue and Bureau of contacts which assume adjustment of direct contacts and selection of potential partners. Experts of the Center will organize and spend both individual, and collective thematic meetings between suppliers of building materials both corresponding divisions and managements of service of the customer, responsible for supply of objects of building.

Efficiency of such format confirms experience of carrying out of similar actions when by the time of the meeting termination exploratory talk on the further cooperation is carried out.

Thematic conferences

Pass at participation and support of branch Committees of the Governments of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. At the organization of similar actions we consider as the main task an urgency of the theme chosen for discussion and interested, meaningful dialogue between business and the power. Thanks to participation in such conferences, many companies became participants of realization of various city programs. Themes of a steel most often discussed at conferences: facades, penthouses and roofs of St.-Petersburg, a problem of reconstruction and available housing repair, power savings questions, low and cottage building in a city and area and many other things.

Heads of a direction:

Elena Vasilevna Soosaar and Irina Georgievna Danilchenko


Publishing services

The publishing department works in the Petersburg сonsrtuction center since 2001. One of its basic problems is realization of various polygraphic projects and rendering of publishing services to partners and clients of the Center. Within eight years information-analytical magazine "Infstroy" was published, various magazines, catalogs and booklets have been developed and let out.
Experts of the Center incur all spadework – from concept and design working out – to ready circulation.
If to you it is necessary quickly, professionally and qualitatively to let out any advertizing and representation production, entrust this business to professionals!

Projects of publishing department:

Anniversary catalogs «Building complex of Leningrad region»
Once in five years publishing department PSTS together with Committee on building of the Government of Leningrad region lets out the anniversary festively issued edition of the Catalogue. In 2003 the Catalogue devoted to the 75 anniversary, and in 2008 – to the 80 anniversary of Leningrad region has been prepared.
On 100 color glossy pages of the edition the information achievements of all branches of building of Leningrad region, the most significant investment projects, achievements of all areas of area in building sphere, and also – leading enterprises of building complex ЛО is presented.

That fact is important that by preparation of such booklets all work from gathering of the information from participants of the project to the coordination of breadboard models is incurred by experts of the Petersburg center.
The edition of booklets by request of partners of the Petersburg Construction center

During the last years many partners PCC began to trust manufacturing of the representation booklets dated for various actions and exhibitions, professionals of publishing department PSTS.

For example, by request of the Union of the building organizations of Leningrad region in 2007 «the Bulletin of LenOblSojuzStroja» has been prepared and let out. To an exhibition "Interstrojekspo" in April, 2008 by request of Committee on building of Leningrad region the booklet «Construction complex of Leningrad region» has been prepared and published: investment projects and leading enterprises », and for the Union of building associations and the organizations the firm booklet has been prepared. By Day of the builder-2008 and to competition summarizing on the best building organization of Leningrad region by request of regional Committee on building the booklet« Best enterprises of a building complex of Leningrad region »has been prepared and let out.